School History Park Avenue Offices Baltimore School of the Bible was organized in 1931, in response to the definite leading of the Lord. He gave evidence of the need for a school that would be fundamental in its teaching, evangelical in its beliefs, non-denominational in its scope, evangelistic in its purpose, missionary in its outlook-a school which would maintain a consistent relationship between the purity of doctrine taught and the purity of life admonished. The School is the outgrowth of the thinking, planning, and praying of many Christians in the city of Baltimore.

The first men to plan definitely for a non-denominational Bible School in Baltimore were Gustavus Ober, a business man who gave much of his time, strength, and means to the Lord’s work in the Port Mission, a gospel center for seaman; Dr. A. C. Dixon, a retired Baptist minister; Dr. Paul C. Culley, a medical missionary on furlough from the Philippine Islands; Dr. Russell Bradley Jones, pastor of the University Baptist Church; Dr. Arthur Forest Wells, pastor of the Northminster Presbyterian Church; Mr. A. S. Loizeaux, a business man of the city; and Dr. T. Roland Philips, pastor of the Arlington Presbyterian Church. The Fellowship of Bible Study, as it was originally known, held its first rally with Dr. Howard A. Kelly, of Baltimore, and Dr. Tom Lambie, of Ethiopia, as the speakers. The following Monday, November 9, 1931, the first class session was held in the University Baptist Church. The faculty was composed of Dr. Wells who taught Bible doctrine; Dr. Philips, who taught Book Analysis; Mr. Loizeaux, who taught Prophecy and Dispensations; and Dr. Culley, who taught Missions, Bible Geography and Archaeology,and who assumed much of the responsibility for the administration. By January 1932, there were 177 persons registered as students and auditors.

The work of the first year proceeded in a very satisfactory manner, and there was every evidence of the blessing of the Spirit of God. The Northminster Presbyterian Church was the School’s home during the two following years, 1932-1934. In 1933, the State of Maryland granted a charter to the School, and the incorporators were Frank V. Coggins, Daniel H. Flynn, Douglas Ober, Austin F. Robinson, and Harry C. Staley. Immediately these men organized by drawing up a constitution and by-laws. Psalm 119:89 and II Timothy 2: 15 were selected as school mottoes, and a corporation seal was designed. During the summer and early fall of 1942, the Lord directed in a building fund campaign that resulted in the purchase of the present building at 1712 Park Avenue. Through the faithful endeavors of the Board of Directors and other members of the building fund groups, we were able to buy our home. We now own this building, entirely free of debt. The location is easily accessible by transit service.

The School property at 1712 Park Avenue consists of a large three story brick building housing the School office, the Book Nook, the Howard A. Kelly Auditorium, the T. Roland Philips Library and the Alumni Room. Immediately behind the main building is a large four story reinforced concrete building which houses four classrooms including the Kelly Auditorium, and the dining room. Since 1973, the School has operated a branch at 6601 Loch Raven Boulevard, the facilities having been made available through the kindness of Loch Hill Chapel. Because of significant growth at this location, this branch closed at the end of our ’96/’97 school year and moved to Grace Fellowship Church, 9508 Deereco Road, Timonium, MD. In 1977, the Lord blessed us to open a Branch at 502 Jack Street, Brooklyn, Maryland. In 2010 The School’s Northern Branch at Grace Fellowship Church was moved to Central Presbyterian Church, 7308 York Road in Towson.

“For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of Love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” We praise the Lord for those saints who ministered at the School with more than fifty years of faithful service: C. C. Grasty N. D. Grasty w. Weber N. D. Grasty, C. C. Grasty and Herman Wollenweber; Also, for those who have ministered at the school for forty years (40) or longer – H. William Netzer and Thomas E. Hairston; for those who have ministered at the School for thirty (30) years or longer – George Evans, Norman Cannon, Robert Freeman, Dario DiBattista, and John O. Jones; and for twenty (20) years or longer – Edgar F. Reibetanz, May Hoover-Petzold, Gideon Steffey, Carl Sodergren, Andrew Gehrmann, Jr., Charles Held, Jr., Thomas Schetelich, Wayne Cockrell, Stanley Loizeaux, Ruth Johnston, Mildred LaPauze, John Valiquet, Ernest Flowers, Madeline Barnes, and Winifred Parks.

During the school’s over eighty-five years of existence, the Lord has faithfully met its every need. We are persuaded that He will continue to direct and provide as we seek His leading, and as we carry on in a manner which is pleasing and honoring to Him. Our expectation is solely from Him. Through these years, hundreds of students have learned how thrilling and informative the Bible can be when it is taught by qualified instructors who know and love the Book and its Author. Lives have been enriched and love for the Lord increased.