Courses and Credits

Baltimore School of the Bible visitors are cordially invited to attend a class session. For the greatest benefit, however, the School recommends enrollment as a regular student for credit, if at all possible.

In order to receive credit for any course, the student is required to attend regularly and take the examinations that are given at the end of each semester. Credits, one for each semester of each course, will be allowed only when a grade of 65 or more is earned for the examination and course.

In addition to these requirements, no student shall receive credit for any course in which he his missed more than three class sessions per semester, unless, at the discretion of the instructor, the student shall do makeup work for all hours missed (over 3 per semester) at the rate of two hours work for each class session missed. No credit will be given if a student has missed more than five class sessions in a semester, even if they have passed the examination.

Baltimore School of the Bible has a nominal registration fee of $150.00 per year, but no other or further charges for instruction other than textbooks (Teacher’s Notes are included in the registration fee). A limited number of text books are required in certain courses, but generally, the purchase of books is at the student’s option.

Attendance awards are given to students who have at least three classes on Monday, Tuesday, or both nights; attend all class sessions (excluding scheduled exam nights and final sessions); and attend the Commencement to receive the award.

(Baltimore School of the Bible Diploma) (36 credits) This course is designed to give the student a real working knowledge of the Word of God, thus to prepare him for competent work in his own church or wherever our Lord may lead. Upon completion with 36 credits of the required classes, the student is awarded the Baltimore School of the Bible Diploma and ETA certificates.