Spring Mini Semester

Registration is now open for the Spring Mini Semester. Information about each class is listed below. Click on the Registration link below when you are ready to register online.

Courses for Spring Mini Semester 

#403: Teacher Training III (Central) Thursdays Only–
This course will cover Sunday School administration, the actual machinery or operating of a successful school and adult department work. Required reading includes: Sunday School Ministry: The Church at Study, Vacation Bible School and other Summer Ministries

#620: Genesis: Chapter 1 -11 (Brooklyn)–Tuesdays Only–
“Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel”–Why Genesis Chapters 1-11 have all the answers. A free textbook and notebook will be provided.

#621: Islam and Christianity (Park Avenue)–Tuesdays Only–
This course is to provide an introductory study of the structure, beliefs and practices of Islam. Throughout the class, there will be a concern to demonstrate how Islamic thought is different from Christian thought and how the gospel can be most effectively communicated to members of the Islamic faith, the second largest and fastest religion in the world today.

#623: Interpreting Parables (Park Avenue)–Tuesdays Only– 
This course will examine the Parables of Jesus on several levels. These include: a historical survey of methods of interpretation, include recent developments; a survey of Jesus’ teaching methods; parables as genre and a discussion of principles for interpreting the parables today.

#625: Christian Stewardship(Central)–Thursdays Only–
This course will cover the basic tenets of Christian Stewardship–time, talent, and treasure. Students will learn how to effectively manage their and other resources through a better understanding of the spiritual principles, practices and contributions of Christian stewardship.

#628: Kingdom Man Series by Dr. Tony Evans (Park Avenue)–Tuesdays Only–
Kingdom Men Wanted!!! When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, those around him benefit from his leadership and care. Kingdom Man challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God as well as their position over what God has given them. The biblical definition of a man is one who has learned to operate under the authority of Jesus Christ while carrying our responsible and legitimate leadership within the sphere of influence that God has placed on him. Kingdom Man provides concepts men can follow that will help them actively pursue ways to maximize and develop the character qualities of biblical manhood in their lives.

#631: Kingdom Woman Series by Dr. Tony Evans and Crystal Hurst (Park Avenue)–Tuesdays Only–
 Kingdom Women Wanted!!!
A kingdom woman gives the devil as much as reason to fear as a kingdom man. She lives confidently in the knowledge that Christ died and rose for her so that she can experience the significance of the destiny to which she has been called. It reminds women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and to have hope. The authors bring insight that encourages women to correct distorted perceptions and understand who they really are in Christ–never settling for less when connected with the One who gives them hope. All believers are covered by God’s covenant with Abraham. Women need to know these rights and confidently claim and live by them. The new covenant offers more than a life of mediocrity. A kingdom woman is called and empowered to live a life of victory through Christ.

#632: New Testament Theology (Brooklyn)–Tuesdays Only–
This course will cover the basics of major theological themes of the New Testament canon and the theological themes that bind the entire New Testament together as a conceptually unified book.

#633: Prophecy for Today (Central)–Tuesdays Only–
What has the bible predicted about what is to come for this world’s system and its ruler? A more in depth study in end-time bible prophecy will be your only defense against end-time deception. This course will empower you with the interpretive tools provided in the scriptures and show you how to identify, analyze and secure some of the most difficult end-time prophecies.

#634: Basic Elements of New Testament Greek (Park Avenue)–Tuesday Only–
This course will entail a basic introduction to New Testament Greek grammar and translation techniques. The course also includes vocabulary and how to pronounce Greek words. Finally, students will have knowledge of various textbooks and resource material designed to further equip them in preparation for sermons and teaching assignments. The required textbook is Elements of New Testament Greek, 3rd Edition, by Ray Summers, which is available for purchase at the Book Nook, Park Avenue location.

#635 Theology of Church Leadership–(Central)–Thursday Only
Have you ever thought about being a Deacon or an Elder? Are you a woman and ever wondered what kind of ministry you can be involved in at your church? These are just some of the topics we will be discussing. You will learn how to discover your spiritual gift, the various inventories used to find and develop local church leadership, how to hold effective board meetings and how to assimilate new members into fellowship.