The Importance of Giving to BSOTB

The first students of the Baltimore School of the Bible were individuals who experienced the problems of the depression and the rationing system of World War II. Consequently, they were frugal and learned how to save. These students, having been blessed through the ministry of the Bible School, remembered us in their wills. When these bequeaths came to us, they were invested in a stock portfolio. Since the eighties, our students grew up with different experiences. The economic boom of the last generation has gone away. This was accomplished by several down turns in the stock market. So, our students of the last two decades have not had the impetus to save.

This has resulted in the fact that the  School has not experienced receipt of substantial gifts as we have in the past. In fact, for many years,  we have had to draw funds out of our investment portfolio to meet our operating expenses. At the rate that we are doing this, our investment money will be exhausted in about five years. Without the funds to meet our operating expenses, the School will be out of business, unless the Lord intervenes. We believe that this intervention  is to come from those today, like those in the past, who have been blessed through the ministry of the Baltimore School of the Bible.

We are challenging individuals to donate to the School on a consistent monthly basis. If enough people were to give $12.50 a month to the school, we could meet our operating expenses and not have to draw from our investment accounts.  I like to look at this as taking an ownership interest in the Bible School. I have asked the Lord to provide that I can give $15 a month to the school and I see Him doing this.

If you have been blessed through the ministry of the Baltimore School of the Bible, ask the Lord what He would have you do. I am sure that you would want the opportunity for a systematic, affordable Biblical education to be available to your children and your grandchildren. When we all pull together, this can happen. One of the verses that has been a guiding principle in my life is Proverbs 3:27: ” Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so” (NKJV).

Will you join me in systematically giving to the Baltimore School of the Bible? We are a 501 (c)3 organization and your gifts are tax deductible.