Faculty and Staff

Thomas J. Schetelich President
John Valiquet Vice President / Secretary
Vincent T. Mercer Treasurer
 Johnnie Whitehead  Dean of Education
Mona Carpenter Executive Secretary / Park Avenue
Executive Administrator / Registrar
Terry Duncan-Ross Registrar, Central Pres. Branch, Mon.
Seantrese Ronny Wimbuish Librarian
Shelly Bynum-Blow, Louise Sanders Registrar, Central Pres. Branch, Tues.
Tracey Loss Registrar, Brooklyn
Helen Moore and Angela Ross Book Sales, Park Avenue
Vincent T. Mercer Executive Director / Alumni Liaison
John Valiquet Student Records Manager
Faculty Location Course(s)
Shahad Ali PA Pauline Epistles
Curtis Barber CP Christian Missions
Clinton Blackwell CP/BR Doctrine II, Bible Introduction
William Bowers BR Synoptic Gospels, Gospel of John
Carlos Brown CP Hebrews
BR New Testament Survey, Bible Introduction
Lawrence Carpenter PA Christian Evidences/Prophecy
John Coad PA Bible Introduction
Dario DiBattista CP Synoptic Gospels
Bernard Domowski BR Teacher Training I & II,    Christian Evidences/Prophecy I
Tyrome Elliott BR Acts, Hebrews
Rudolph Greene PA Greek, General Epistles
Quinton Herbert CP Acts
Michael Hicks CP Pauline Epistles I
Roy Ingman BR New Testament Survey/Doctrine I
John O. Jones, Sr. PA Pauline Epistles II
Walter P. Larkins PA New Testament Survey
Robert Libby CP Gospel of John   Doctrine, Doctrine I
Mark Loss BR Pauline Epistles I & II
Doug Massey BR Doctrine I & II
Darrell McKnight CP Personal Evangelism/Christian Life
Vincent T. Mercer PA Hebrews, Romans
Kelly Miller CP Pauline Epistles II
Robert Mosley CP New Testament Survey
John Plasterer PA Old Testament Survey I
Glen Michael Shelton PA Acts
John Slaughter PA Synoptic Gospels
William Tamulonis CP General Epistles
Willis C. Tomlin PA, CP Teacher Training I & II, Romans
John Valiquet PA Christian Missions
John Valiquet  PA,CP,BR Old Testament Survey II
Gregory Whitehair BR Old Testament Survey I, Christian Life, Personal Evangelism
Johnnie Whitehead PA Christian Life, Personal Evangelism
John Woodworth CP, BR Old Testament Survey I, Hebrews
Jerry Young BR General Epistles
Bill Zittel PA Doctrine I & II